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Sunday, December 17, 2006

merry tidings!

i thought i should update because i've never tried blogging here before and thats because i couldn't remember the password. now that i do, here i am lala

it's great to see you, jelly (u look gorgeous with ur boy) and khai claryce huishi there kinda to keep us invisible ones in the loop. this class is never forgotten, just at the back of our minds somewhere...

ok i've been busy with work and school right now, schooling at mdis and working at a training company. its really hectic but im having tonnes of fun as well because it's a challange every single day to maintain both. its just awesome.

the only thing i regret is not having enough time to be with all of my friends. now lets not go there

i still am deeply in love with chocolate and rainy days, drinking soyabean, i still write illegibly, spell most words incorrectly, speak the fastest and yes, i still do have my big bug eyes. see, nothing's changed as much. we all thought it would over the years, but it really hasn't. i don't know if you guys have been keeping in contact with the rest of the pj mates- i still do go for dates with maria and maz and recently i heard that sherfeeq is going to be sued (correct me on this), and now i see khai flying on his bmx i shake my head in disapproval, and shufen who is looking so mighty fine on friendster with a dude (whoa)--- what has changed tremendously huh.

enjoy the rest of your sundays babes.


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