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Saturday, December 23, 2006

hey people. i knw i hvn't been blogging so i shall spend sm time sharing my eventful yr, b4 i disappear for awhile again. haha.

well the 1st half of the yr was all bout studying and finally getting to do things i love like being around kids and learning bout them. :) they're a great joy to have around. I made lots of new friends, started going to church, met a new boy, got my 1st digicam, a laptop, dyed my hair for the 1st time, went to sun tan, picked up dance..basically started to love life more! now that i'm on holis, i'm doing even more stuff!

yes Rinny. i'm looking gd with my boy alrite. :P been together for awhile. wanna see more pix? haha. we kinda went on a holi together to Bintan juz a few wks ago. my first holiday! The beach there is bee-you-ti-fool!

i rested for one day and i was off for my 9 days mission trip to Thailand! it was my first plane ride! :) Living condition there is really diff. It never quite rained. The mornings and nights were freezing cold and afternoons were hot and sunny. I caught my first shooting star. In fact, lots of them on the 12th, 13th and 14th if i'm not wrong. The sky was filled with stars unlike singapore. I had lunch by the mountains and lake on the second afternoon then it was a whole load of work to get to. Teaching in the village sch, painting the church, performing and etc. It's beautiful there but i guess it's better being back in singapore. :) coz everyone i love is here! (alrite, esp my hubbylicious.) and the fact that i almost lost my life there. it was scary.

now i can hv my warm showers again and munch on chocs! muahaha.

i'm gonna get baptised tmr too! and i'll be off again! this time for a youth camp. yep. tt's bout all. i can summarize it in one sentence actually -> HAILEY'S HAPPY.

alrite. MUACKZ! hv fun ple. Merry Xmas! cya ard.

ps. i changed the blog layout. use the words beside the "buttons" for navigation. hope u guys are fine with it. change the layout whenever u guys wanna alrite.

Crew of 04a04/06| 3:22 PM