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Friday, December 08, 2006

Hey guys.

I know I'm not talking alone. I know some of you do still read this blog. And no, I don't think this blog's dead. It's just silent.

I'm gonna post an update on my life and hope that you guys post something or an update about how you guys are. It's ok, even a line or two would really mean alot to the class. I know I'd feel very happy to see you post something like, "Hello there, I'm fine. School sucks." It shows that hey, you EXIST. I know times are busy for you Uni people. But hey, just a minute or two won't harm right? Besides, if you can visit this blog and read these words it shows you're able to post something.

The question is whether you want to or not.

I know guys. PJC days are long gone. Move on. Yada yada. But is there anything wrong in keeping contact? Hell, this isn't even keeping contact. This is just a place to tell the class how you've been in this hectic world we call life. I know I'm guilty of alot of stuff like not updating and stuff and not meeting the guys for soccer. But hey, the least I did was to write something. Still, I know some of you guys are still around. Please update. And don't have to wait for me to write something. Or anyone. Just write. Click. Enter. Type. Something like this:

What's happening in your Ex discipline rep you say? Wel I'm back in thai boxing classes at bukit timah hilltop. You'd know if you read my blog. Trying to keep my fitness level up to standard ever since I landed in a driver role. Army has been very boring and wasteful except for the fact that I would be getting a driver's license at the end of this 2 year sentence. Driving around here and there isn't too bad though. Besides that, I'm currently getting myself into alot of injury not just through thai boxing but through street BMX as well. It's fun and painful. Well, I had to start doing stuff after buying the bicycle. All in all, I'm doing fine in life guys.

There. That's all that's required. Wasn't so tough. Can't wait to read about you guys. Please write.

Like I said, I'm doing fine in life. What about you?



Khai Kari
Your Ex Muay Thai Trained Discipline Rep.

P.S: Sorry guys. I haven't been going for the soccer games. Will make it up for you all.

Crew of 04a04/06| 12:21 AM