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Saturday, December 09, 2006


So I was/am bored at work and I was blog browsing and I decided to check this one out since I haven't in fuckin ages. And I read Khai's entry (btw, i miss you khai! how you been?) and I thought I'd post. It's been more than a year since I've been gone and I think that is insane. I don't get as homesick as I used to now. I still miss Singapore and it's people though. A lot. But for my own good I think a lot less now.

Things are CRAZY here! So I'm going to Foothill College. If you google it, you'll see how pretty the campus is. This quarter has been insane because I'm taking like 4 classes which is alot. And I'm working at this office from 11 to 5 everyday. I hate this job with a passion. The only good part of it is that it pays my bills and I can get my homework done here. My other job is a little more glam and I love it. I started at Armani Exchange the first week of September and I love it. Not so much the pay or the long hours on my feet or the waiting hand on foot on customers, but the people I work with, the cute guys that come into the store and THE DISCOUNT!! Hehe. Figures eh? I make close to nothing at this job and whatever I do make I spend on clothes. I love it. I work there from like 6 to 11 or midnight a couple of days a week.

Quarter is coming to an end here. By next wednesday I will be done with school for this year and I can't fucking wait. It's stressful and it's crazy and it's tiring but it's not all that bad.

A few pictures real quick! These were all I could find since I'm at work right now.

This is what kids that aren't 21 do here. We have illegal gatherings in people's backyards, have someone over the age of 21 or a fake ID holder buy us beer and we basically get wasted. This was hookah night with the guys.

This is my boy and he is the bestest. I think he's the best thing about California. He makes it almost as great as Singapore but only almost.

I wanted to put up a pic of my car but I couldn't find one. TO everyone that is dying to get there license, I should warn you. It's fun ofr like a month and then it gets pretty old. Buying gas, traffic, always having to payattention to the road to stay alive, not being able to drive after you club. Not all that fun. hehe.

And here ends my update and I really hope everyone is doing great! I miss you guys and the crazy crazy times we had in PJ. I'll let you know when I'm gonna be back. Take care everyone!

Your favorite jelly,

Crew of 04a04/06| 7:47 AM