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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

hello niggas and niggarites! =D
claryce yet again!
the genius in me figured out how to modify our blog to display everything!
how cool right. =D
hope you're all fine!
I really meant to join you all after the dinner. =(
miss you guys, though i dont expect you all to miss me. ha, ha, ha.
I had a disgusting lit test today, and my hand is aching.
the ppl here all too pro, dont think will do well here.
but at least i've conquered the test! whee! just another gazillion more to go!

and just now while thinking of my aching hand i thought of melvin and the fatigue free pen, and the time we all bought a pen each from kino, and took a video of the blinking lights, and kept i smiling to myself.


hope everybody is fine and good!
remember to think about me!


claryce the nigga.

im on blogspot now too ha ha ha claryce.blogspot.com. next time meeting better call me.

Crew of 04a04/06| 5:10 PM