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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Hi everyone, Daena here! I guess I'm the first girl to update. But that's mainly because I'm free enough. Hehe.

Well I'm currently enslaved to NTU for the next four years, studying Communication Studies (or Mass Comm as it's more popularly known). Went for the orientation camp and met a whole bunch of people who are even more insane than us. And I just managed to get through my first week in school which was really slack cos there were no tutorials and all the introductory lectures ended way early! PJC is really puny compared to NTU. I got lost a couple of times already.

Oh I want to know who's in NTU! Then we could meet up. Even the guys, cos when you enter I'll still be around.

Cathy is in the same course as I am. Pity we're taking different sets of modules this semester. But it also means that next semester I can just switch notes with her!

Anyway Happy Birthday to all the August babies (I think it's Shawn, Melvin, and yours truly) and have fun in school/NS! (:

Cheers from your loanshark no-more.

Crew of 04a04/06| 10:43 PM