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Sunday, August 13, 2006

hey hello claryce here. in nus with huishi, melisa, and an assortment of pj ppl, some from arts like nana, maria, janice, natalie and rahel, and alot of ppl from science stream too

school's starting tmr, quite a weird arrangement here, cos no timetables, no instructions provided! No assembly, no recess time, no demerit points, no nothing. you bid for your modules, check the time and place, and make sure you get there.

Really hard to make friends in school too, cos each person's modules are different, no fixed classes, no more classmates like you guys to laugh at, no more people to help me carry my files and bags to econs class, no sitting at canteen to eat tgt or whatever. no hockey too, only inter hall. quite worried its gonna be a lonely place.

but no fear! claryce is here! to brighten up your day. =D give me a call and i'll be there at the next class outing. quick arrange one.

Crazy fireworks crowd, the place was swarming with people like yucks! hope you didnt get squashed shufen! hahaha

Crew of 04a04/06| 7:30 PM