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Friday, August 18, 2006

erm. ray mysterio here. life's pretty much been a giddy wild wild wet ride for the past months. a lot of genuine friendships and comrade ra-ra camaraderie were forged in BMT, and now, in the air force for me. i still miss a few of my confidantes in jaguar coy...hmm. well as of now i have a wonderful clique in my graveyard camp, comprising of a reformed singh, a rugger, 2 chain smokers, a buddy of a bmt friend, a seriously deranged small boyboy and a world-class guitarist. wonderful bunkies i tell u, they're loyal and fun people to stick through t h i c k and thin. lotsa crimes we've committed, like downingblackcatplayingdaideesneakingintoforbiddenterritory etc.
oh yea, im an ADWO by profession presently, dealing with reconnaissance(is tt how u spell it) aircraft. by the way the air force singlets are WORLD-CLASS. ABOVE ALL. hahaha. slack is the new harworking, no more mindless toiling and gun-toting for me.
NUS beckons!

ray of LCK II

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