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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Alright... i try to make this post grammatically flawless as much as i could. Although all the guys have gone to NS(No Studies), I am still entrapped in this sucky school which is driving me into insanity. But i'm almost there now, keeping up with my revision for the Mid-years. If not i might be going NS earlier. *pray for me guys* Well... things are almost there ya? 3/5 of my J2 life has gone. Mid-years - Mock exams - Prelims - A's (will be very busy). For a brighter future i hope this is worth it. Proving that a normal(A) student can do as well as the rest. =)

Updates from the guys. The last time i saw them was early April i guess, before they go into NS. Having the BBQ was terrific, things never changed, people never changed too. Except for the guy's hair. haha... Heard from the guys here and there. All of them(Bao,fik,mel,ray,khai,henry,shawn) are still alive. The girls... hummm.. no clue and no sign of their existence. It's been 2 months already, most of the guys will be having their passing out parade this week. Then i presume they will be posted to different units elsewhere. I can't wait for my turn to go in NS too. haha. can't wait to escape from the "mindless rambling" in school. Anyway, take care to all. See ya guys soon. =)

Stan aka Satan Hunter(whatever,haha)

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