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Friday, April 07, 2006

Hey guys its been awhile since i blogged. As u all know, we're ( the guys ) all going in Ns, or have gone in alrdy. soon i bet this blog will be non exsitent as i know plenty of you lead your own lives excluding yourselves from the class most of the time. btw thanks to all whom turned up to the bbq that nite, it was a blast and good ol class fun. props to me stanley mel and claryce for helping out in the bbq and buying the food. special thanks to lydia for getting the pit too, and Ben for cooking most of the remainders for us. it was a nite full of laughter as alwyn ate alot of food as usual, with an unconventional appearance to boot. HAHA. that nite we saw fik and ray botak after their first few weeks in NS and they are doing fine, albeit a couple of complaints here and dere. anyhow, i pray you all are safe and dont meet into troubles, and get into the U of your choice. Hope i would be safe in Ns too , along with mel tai khai balloon.

Anyway here is some old old videos i would like to share, i know most people probably would have seen it, but here it is anyway, for nostalgic value. Sorry abt the poor video quality, it was taken from a handphone, and mostly filmed by Henry. Props to the Malaysian Director of Yandao Funny Films! woot! till the day i book out, CHAO guys.


(From Left To Right : Bao, Mel, Khai, Fik, Ray, Shawn)
Later ray moves on to the back HAHAHA.

Khai the bag man, a persona he takes on now and then when he is bored. hahaha. the bag is actually from Eddie koh's gp class when he brought in "No Sweat" for us. rmb that book ?

Nightmare In The LT.

Appearance from start to end: Shawn, Fik, Thevah, Mel, Henry, Khai. Balloon is the victim.

Crew of 04a04/06| 12:15 AM