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Thursday, March 23, 2006


Okay. I'm still rather confused here.

Basically what I did was to book a pit on the 8th, cos 1st is booked out.
But, because there were no SUPER VIOLENT OBJECTIONS, I didn't know that i'm NOT SUPPOSED TO BOOK THE 8TH~~~didn't know the guys are going in on the 8th....*hyperventilates+goes hysterical*
-_-ll eto....
Why, thank you very much, btw, you ple do have a right to object upon my initial suggestion you know... ~ *dunno whether wanna laugh/cry*


Neways, I've already ranted enough to Moovin. (thanx for the ear, dude)

So. Now we have some options. And some restrictions.

1)We have to have it on a saturday.
2)We can postpone it, but the confirmed date of postponement has to be submitted before april.
3)We will need someone to take over as the organiser, cos I won't be able to make it due to outside commitments (cos it's every saturday).

1) QUICK~ we have to pick a date, saturday, after april 21st. This is super important.
2) We need to know who is available on what days.
3) We need ple to respond via tagboard or sms as soon as possible. Can't run anything when we have no feedback, can we?

I can still organise for you ple, but we have to have some co-operation here?~
Just need someone to see to the running on the actual day and will also need to pass the receipt to that person.

It's rather sad, but I don't rmbr the class consisting only of khai, moov, daena, shawn, claryce and maz. Where did everyone else die to? O_o *searches ard*

Come on, you want bbq, we've planned it and paid for it. So now tell me what else you ple want~
*dies cos feels like talking to myself, which is what i do most of the time*

weeellllllll?~ heheheh...


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