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Saturday, March 04, 2006


I feeeeel silly cos it's hmm.
2 years, 1 piece of paper, 3-4 gradings.
And still I can't get to a U.

But I know I'm not silly.
I do not only have baa~baa~ between my ears.
I think it's time I used some chinese:

此处不留人, 便有留人处.(I dunno if the words will show up properly, but in any case, it's upposed to say)
ci chu bu liu ren, bian you liu ren chu.
Basically it means something like 'If this place doesn't welcome me, there will be other places that will.'

Quite apt, no?

IMO, my grades aren't good. They're all over the place.
Initially I found it quite hard to accept the fact that Uni is out.
But hey, no U no worries.

The world is so wide and the sky is so high.
Singapore is only a small dot. And universities only take up that much space on earth. What's the big deal?
10 years, no- 5 years later we'll look back at this and laugh.

Skeptical? Check this out. 6 years ago, it was live, breathe, eat, sleep PSLEs. Just 2 or 3 years ago, O Levs was everything. Like, EVERYTHING.
Now, we can just go shred our certs. Wouldn't bat an eyelid about it.
If everything goes well, I'll want to do that to my A cert too. XP

In fact, that may become one of my greatest motivations in life.
I wanna say 'Hey~ I didn't go to the U but look at me now. I more successful than any (insert xxx) ever! I'm a SOMEBODDEHHH!!!!~ And I actually pwn some asses around here.
See that (insert famous xxx) there? I ownzes (him/her/it).And your big boss, whadzzzisnameagain, I ownz that too.'

Even if I have to go down, I wanna go down smirking eeeee-vil-ly.

I'm sure our class is brilliant one, so I mean absolutely no offence to the otokos and the onnas going there.
It's more for ple like yours weirdly here who don't exactly have super Uni-friendly results. Our future is not bleak la, if it looks dreary to you, you just need to change the light bulb. Just take 1 person to hold the bulb and another 1000 to turn your house. XD

And nothing is enough reason for suicide. If anyone harbours notions, I'll slap you silly with a giant doughnut. I dunno how I'll manage that, but you bet I will. *determined look*

Oh well. If anyone needs someone to talk to, call up mon-fri, 9am-6pm 68326192. That's my office, goes straight to my desk. Anything after that my hp no is still teh same...(yes, yes, dearies, I shall get to changing my phone sooooooooon~) 97381413.

Just remember, if it's anything, just psycho yourself that no matter how bad it is, I always kena worse than you. So what the heck are you fretting over? *raises eyebrow*

Prancing insanely into an unpredictable future strapped in a straitjacket,

Crew of 04a04/06| 9:59 PM