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Thursday, February 02, 2006

well heres the good ol shawn here, blogging to a non existent audience. or so it seems. anyway, mr ang, yes the one and only MR KEVIN ANG, has msged me the details of the much anticipated wedding. its quite amazing he is actually getting married.. insults aside, heres the details for all fellow wedding crashers..

25th Feb, Saturday , 10 am, St. Teresa's church

the morning thingy would be at St. Teresa's church, near kampong bahru, (wherever the hell is that i dont noe.)

den later he say got drinks or wat at Sentosa. yup, but i think main thing is at e church la.. so HELLO 04A04 and anyone hu loves mr ang, and would like to crash his wedding.. PLEASE KINDLY REPLY THIS POST ASAP BY TAGGING ON THE BOARD. or you could msg me. and please do not msg me things like, where it is and how to go dere.. WHAT TO WEAR etc... discussing would be here, on this blog. please post if u have to get across to me/us some detailed qns. once again, hope everyone can make it.

ON A SIDE NOTE. a very big one in fact.. im thinking of organising a BBQ for our class, plus alwyn, lydia and stan.. possibly maybe invite sas? eddie koh ? or anyone ur would like. venue im thinking would be lydia's place again, cos its quite convinient rite ? okay. im thinking of making it on a friday too, so its better for sas and any working peeps, cos weekends just ahead, can lac more. COMMENTS APPRECIATED.

shawn the disgruntled slacker.

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