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Thursday, February 23, 2006

okay guys.. so its confirmed, this sat, 1015 is the wedding.
AS for those ppl wondering what the f*** is going on after wards, it is DRINKS at sentosa at 5pm (according to charlene) but what do we , as a disbanded class, do in between that time ? the wedding is slated to end at an approximate 1200 hrs ( meaning the wedding is 1 - 2 hrs long )

SO ANY BRIGHT IDEAS EH! if not, we can all go home and lead individual damn bloody fun lives as non-04a04/6s .. yup. any one with a plan for wat to do inbetween is welcome to share with everyone their ideas. but im guessing everyone will stay silent cos

1) they dont care
2) they dont really care
3) their internet connection is down and the blogspot is not a primary concern
4) they cant wait to get over and done with the wedding of a lifetime
5) *censored*

sooooooo i dont noe wat to do. i will probably try to get married also, since it attracts mostly everyone from our class to come together.

so ya. do tell the rest. if not, see you guys on sat, 9am .. control station.. those who noe how to go direct please msg me if ur not meeting everyone else first.

OKAY another matter. a class gathering. as usual , the most sane has been chosen
(according to clare at least) rather UNCONDITIONALLY at the very least to organise this amaranthine event. hu else then the sympathetic martyr of selfish souls shawn. okay so well, keep watch on this space for heavens sake for details. im thinking a chalet cum BBQ around march period, b4 sum of the guys go NS. any one want to help (constructively, enthusiatically helpfully etc.) ?


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