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Sunday, February 19, 2006

XD how's my favourite motley people?

Doughnuthole has brought Weirdo some luck in finding a job. She now works at EDB, managing claims and wellness. CPF kills. Her measely paycheck is still in the process of being pwned by CPF.

She also wonders if she'll live to be old enough to see her hard earned money in cold hard cash. At any rate she believes her age-old cadaver may be as cold and hard as the CPF monies. $___$
*curses curses*

Weirdo is game for a class outing thingy. She believes that she hasn't seen anyone from sch in quite some while. Even though she can't turn up for the G.T.Ang's wedding, she will be available later in the day, say 2pm onwards. The little noise in her head suggests possible places of congregation like maybe for a movie, or dinner at pepper lunch. She is still very much confused with having dinner at lunch, but that's another matter alogether.

Her conscience is a penny-pinching little devil in oh-my-eyes-they-burn satin. Still, the satin-wearing bitch feels that as wedding crashers we might bear some gifts. Maybe not gold, frankincense and myrrh. Maybe 2 bottles of wine bearing the said wedding year might be alcoholic good.

Weirdo's right hand thinks that's a good idea... left hand is not responding because it's watching TV.
Anyways, if any progs pop up, just call and pray hard you don't get cursed by the triple chocolate doughnut icing.

Muax + *konkon*,

P.S People who don't mind long bus rides, the bus service 61 goes stright to the church's doorstep. Bus leaves from Bukit Batok, journey approx an hour or so. Passes via commonwealth along the way.

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