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Monday, January 23, 2006

your class loanshark is off to terrorise primary school kids tomorrow, and she's really excited about it. she has a one day relief-teaching stint at peihwa primary and she's already dreaming of grand schemes of teaching the kids how to become top notch loansharks/assasins/assault-ers.

anyway i don't mind having a class outing. we can meet for dinner or something, anything really, i don't mind (: just specify a date and time, and i'll do my best to be present (which means i probably will turn up unless some emergency/crisis/family function that i get forced to attend arises)

or we can always turn up in fullforce (in pe attire?) at mr kevin "the nazi" ang's wedding. and antagonize him. that would make his big day really memorable.

haha okay. now i have to go and figure out what teachers wear to school, cannot just anyhow tur up in jeans and sandals you know. g'night folks!


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