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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

oh well. that time has come again, when everyone has disappeared from each anothers lives. we haf lost sight of the common identity we used to so fervently brandish with pride and joy..err actually maybe not. BUT. with everyone either busy having fun, or busy earning wages for a rainy day ( pun intended ) , we have forgotten and misplaced the 04a04/06 identity.

i see the same ol ppl blogging here. but not everyone, i guess thats that then. the class i knew, has vanished. honestly, i feel that our class has a very weak spirit indeed.. all our attempts at gatherings has resulted in abysmal numbers. the same few always turn up, and never the entire class is present. i feel envious when i see all those united classes, J1s and J2s alike, having pure unadultered fun amongst themselves.. all turning up and having outings without excuses and an insane number of absentees.

so, im going to suggest this. are your interested in a gathering ? im thinking a bbq, or if ur haf any suggestions, please tag on the board, and act on it.. ..if everyone agrees to a bbq, i'll ask lydia if she has the same place for booking. or maybe we could a proper chalet this time. peeps, after the nxt few mths, we'll all disappear from each others lives.. NS, working, UNI.. we should take this chance and meet. for goodness sake. so... get those brains cracking and put effort for the class to organise successfully a gathering for the class of 04a04.


Crew of 04a04/06| 10:57 PM