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Sunday, January 01, 2006

oh well, since no one is willing to do the honours, i , the humble martyr of 04a06/04, will be honoured to wish the class and other brethen, be it haters or worshippers..


may all of you people reading this post, dreamers, jokers, geniuses, sportsmen, mindless drones etc. find respite, truth and ultimately happiness in the new year of 2006. set your goals, targets and throw away the old ones, but keep it handy. you never know, this may be the luckiest year in your life. maybe not, anyhow, make the most of the new year ahead. As the legendary geographer Mr Davies said " New Year, New Beginnings. " A fresh start, so lets all work towards a better future for our friends , family and ourselves.

its amazing how the year 2005 has whizzed past. heck, its crazy how an entire 2 years of junior college life has just disappeared like sand in a breeze. indeed the convivialities, tribulations, trepiditions and idiots over this two years have a special place in my heart. do you still remember the first time u stepped into pioneer? it seems like a stone throw away. nevertheless , a memory will be always a memory.

well, thats all i have to say, im sure everyone with a human brain can figure out my train of thought. so, lets embrace 2006, and please for goodness sake. BLOG MORE ON THIS BLOG. *knocks incessantly at class members whom are reading this, and are guilty of this henious crime.*

with many laughs and smiles,

ur ever nostalgic yet exburent
-amaranthine martyr- shawn.

Crew of 04a04/06| 2:26 AM