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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Wow, scrolling through those class pictures was like taking a soulful and calming walk down memory lane… I eagerly look forward to the day when the spirit of 04A04/06 re-ignites, when our hearts, re-kindle as one common unit.

We only experience the junior college days for 2 quick years, and they whiz past us before we know it. I bet inside everyone's thoughts, in this innermost corner, there's this little inkling that perhaps, we could have been more united and establish tighter bonds. No doubt, our class is renowned for infamous reasons, but maybe, just maybe, all the good college days were conspicuously marred by a lack of genuine spirit and bond.

I believe I echo many sentiments when I say the turnout at outings and gatherings has always been disappointing, to say the least. Seriously and sincerely, it's damn difficult, if not impossible, to find this bunch of great people from your college heydays in years to come. 04A04/06 appears to be a thing of the past, a figment of wild strains of imagination, fading into sheer oblivion. Soon, we will hardly know each other, and gradually delete each other from our memory banks (for good).

I’m rarely a believer, but maybe destiny has arranged for this communion of uniquely different souls, bonded in this sanctified moniker of 04A04/06. The absolute pervert that is Alwyn, the blind man Ray, the short-tempered BaoLoon, the quiet conviction of girls like ShuFen and Liyana, the quirkiness of Cathy and HoTing. Ah...I remember...

Our spirit is only temporarily broken, but not defeated, right?

P/S: I love the shit out of u guys, so please turn up for outings =)

One of your class guys,

Crew of 04a04/06| 1:08 AM