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Sunday, January 15, 2006


Your poor doughnuthole has accepted a job offer to start work on the 18th, this coming wed.

Posted to POSB @ raffles place to be an usher from the 18th to the 7th of Feb, working hours from 0830 to 1630.
Not too bad, I get let off pretty early.

If anyone else is hanging round the area, i'm afraid I can't have lunch with you ple...cos I'm not supposed to have a regular lunch hour. Sacrifices... o_O Either an early or late lunch, since the peak hour of the bank is when everyone else is having their lunch break. *sighs.*

Weirdo also had some trouble finding office wear cos weirdo does not have a sane and normal wardrobe like everyone else. Weirdo cannot cosplay to work or wear a yukata/kimono. Weirdo cannot wear track shoes or slippers. Weirdo cannot wear getta. Weirdo must wear collared, sleeved work blouses and MUST TUCK IN...... good lord, the horror. Feels like soggy Doughnuts cos I can't NOT tie my hair either.

Please get me out of the office an into somewhere else less office-y nxt time.
*hides behind fringe*

Neways, on the other end of the doughnut stall, weirdo has data directory updating to do ( but that's from home, which is chocolate sprinkles and icing XD) Also signed up for official jap lessons, and will be hopefullly taking a lang proficiency test in the near future.

My old man has promised me a decent, spanking new bike (less than 400cc though) if I can get my class 2B and 3 license before my next birthday. This is like confetti and party poppers and flowers for everybody plus sham-pain and disco lights and free flow drinks happy for weirdo.

I'm still rushing beanbag tailoring and using guitar pro to learn my tabs. *hugs guit pro cos it's love*

So basically, that's a lot of rant and I'm packed full. *envys loanshark and wonders why she is still complaining*

Ne~ to the guys, when are you ple getting in? Go earn your regular salary. GET BALD! *dun think muay thai dude will mind that though* -_-

Currently Pwned-ly,

P.S I caught the sneaks of Memoirs of a Geisha and it's goooooooooooooooooooood. Cost me a bomb though, the tics were $9.50. But it's worth every cent. XD go catch it.

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