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Monday, December 12, 2005

okay. Are you ple faking it or do I really talk like an alien? >D heh.

Let's put it in unweirdo language.
*translation of previous post*

Hello, ple. How have you been? This place seems full of soccer. I wonder what it would look like by the time World Cup season comes in. *smiles very hard*

Btw, the C word I mentioned was Cosplay. Many people find it difficult to accept it or appreciate it, but that's not my intention. Just take it as photo spammage.

There is link in the previous entry if you ple haven't realised. The sentence with 'the place I call home" is a link, which would bring you to a livejournal page where my friend posted the pics of the cosplay event.

I look bad in the pics mainly because I was born looking less than average, and also mainly because of the wig, which was bad. Then most of it was just ranting of bad wigs and stuff.

Lastly, I hope you ple would enjoy it and see cosplay in a more positive light.
Do keep in contact by occasionally spamming my journal, be it for hugs, for fun or for tailoring services, since I provide that as well.

Cheerios, and be pwned.

*end of human lang translation*

God that was the toughest paraphrasing I've ever done. Weird loves talking sans teh comprehension. It pwns ple.
Dunkin Doughnuts from the Larkin station suck. They be dead, tehy do NOT pass the doughnuthole standards of good food. They're not even good enough to be junk food.

Eat junk food. Get unhealthy. Stay at home. Be pwned.

And rmbr, weird be am Love! *dances ard*

Crew of 04a04/06| 9:36 PM