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Friday, December 02, 2005

Team PJC 2 vs Cosbar Tigers 4

After much effort, a motley crew was assembled as the team prepared to take on a group of expatriates, led by Mr Barry Woolhead. Trainings sessions were at a premium as the players had their own commitments. Players literally flew long distances for the match – our captain returned from an international tournament in Malaysia, while two of our defenders came back from Sri Lanka and Scotland. Finally, it was time for our mettle to be put to the test. It was team PJC versus the Cosbar Tigers.

Cosbar Tigers kicked off in the first-half and were off to a rampant start, shocking the PJC team with crisp triangle passing and rapid exchanges. The midfield trio of the PJC team were evidently outrun by their more industrious opponents. Inevitably, Cosbar Tigers scored their first goal early on after their striker ran through on goal and fired an unstoppable shot past the hapless Tsoon. Team PJC tried to respond quickly, launching several counter attacks but without success as the final ball was sorely lacking. Cosbar Tigers took control of the game and scored their second, courtesy of an effort just outside the box. There was no respite for team PJC as the midfielder of Cosbar picked up a loose ball and rifled a dipping missile from all of 35 yards for 3-0. Demoralised at the break, team PJC altered its tactics to better deal with Cosbar’s midfield, and it worked wonders.

After the break, team PJC were relentless in their attack in search of that elusive first goal. Alas, some slack defending allowed Cosbar’s striker to volley home a fourth after a probing cross from the winger. This somehow sparked PJC into life. Fighting merely for pride, the side put on a spirited display and eventually got their first goal after a deep cross by Pravin was met by Mel at the far post. Buoyed by the goal, team PJC surged forward and a delightful through ball by Jegan found Gopal unmarked in the box and he made absolutely no mistake with his finish. It was now 4-2! Team PJC was now full of running and determined to get something out of the match. However, the referee soon called for time and the match came to an end. It was certainly an encouraging performance by team PJC despite the defeat.

Reported by Melvin

Crew of 04a04/06| 2:54 PM