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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A new champion has emerged from The League of Elites in November. Dubbed as the underdog of the month, Mind Ripp3r FC has risen from the ashes to claim the championship after sterling selections in the first 3 weeks, allowing the player a comfortable lead going into the final week. In winning, he has broken the tradition where previously, the leader going into the final week has never won the month. On winning, the player said, "This is truly unexpected. I am very lucky, especially after knowing that Arsenal had faltered at the Reebok."

New player FIKSPICK FC was pipped by only 2 points and had to settle for second. He had this to say : "I'll be back, that sonofawhore better watch out". Last month's champion Martyr's United finished in joint-fifth while runner up Disenchanted FC made a mini-revivial and climbed to 3rd. There are rumours abound that up to 3 new players will enter the fray for the December competition. Watch this space.

Reported by Melvin

Crew of 04a04/06| 10:03 PM