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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Seven things that will scare me:
sudden shocks during movies like van helsing
beetles on my shirt
my mother in pms mode
blanking out in exams
becoming handicapped and thus lose my footballing ability
hearing sounds while watching football at 3 am
being tickled

Seven things I like the most:
being on-form
on the field carressing a ball
read TIME
trash talk with the guys
scrutinizing all future pjc Lin Chilings
spicy gastronomic delights
eyebag-free days

Seven most important things in my room/ apartment:
my congested table
my bedbug(i suspect) ridden bed
my faulty alarm clock
my bumblegummers height indicator
my Gillette shaving foam
Snake Brand Prickly Heat Powder
the curtains(i can't sleep with light)

Seven random facts abt me:
i was in the TAF club in primary school
i hate warm milk
i read all the books in the Goosebumps series
i read the papers before i brush my teeth
i can contort my right index finger to a 90 degree angle
i used to eat biscuits with raw onion topping and cheese as snacks
i eat Lay's classic chips with lots of tomato ketchup

Seven things I can do:
crack all my knuckles and my neck
look at ppl even though i appear to be staring into space
get teary when i listen to Home
oversleep while standing in the train or bus
really contort my eyebrows to comical levels
do triples in skipping
choke while drinking water

Seven things I can't do:
see past 2 metres
stand for too long
look at someone for too long
play hockey
do pullups
play mahjong
play CS

Seven words/phrases I say the most:
zap come out
like shit
jiu jiu zai mo mo(**** no hair)
ler hai bing gor(who are u lah?)

Seven celebrity crushes:
Lin Chiling
Amber Chia
Ryoko Hirosue
Yuko Takeuchi
Emily Browning
Monica Bellucci

Seven people I would love to do this:
Any 7 friends!


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