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Monday, October 10, 2005

i'm bored and tired of studying so i decided to do this for fun.

Seven things that will scare me:
being very high up (building, bridge whatever) without railings or something to grip.
mutated grasshoppers insfesting my room
falling asleep during exams
losing my memory and forgetting who my friends and family are
my family or best friends dying in a car accident or aeroplane crash
losing my faith
sports equipment (tennis balls, frisbees, shuttlecocks etc) flying straight into my face.

Seven things I like the most:
jazz instrumentals
lemon sorbet
travelogues on telly
flipflops & sandals
guinea pigs (esp a white and brown one named sydney)
watching lightning storms from my window
foxtrot comics

Seven most important things in my room/ apartment:
the cluttered table
my stuffed toys and beanie babies
the air conditioner
the madagascar tumbler with my markers in it
radio + cd collection
handphone charger

Seven random facts abt me:
i don't like pork, lamb or mutton.
i've watched the parent trap thirteen times
i'm a newspaper addict
i'm also a reality tv junkie
i hate pringles potato chips
i have to listen to a cd while reading the lyrics or i'll mishear entire songs.
i grew up in perth but i wasn't born there.

Seven things I can do:
play the piano despite having hardly any hand-eye-foot coordination
get so engrossed in books that i don't know when someone calls me
sing really really offkey when i try to harmonise
suck my big toe (well i used to anyway maybe 15 years ago)
sleep for thirteen hours without waking up
write my name legibly and not do the same for the rest of my essay
play bridge.

Seven things I can't do:
play chess
stop talking/whining/screaming
cook anything aside from rice, instant noodles and sandwiches
play the guitar (tried though)
understand soccer and rugby

Seven words/phrases I say the most:
eeee yerrr
yeah right
your head
who says?

Seven celebrity crushes (or rather, 7 celebrities who i admire)
ewan mcgregor
johnny depp
tom hanks
nicole kidman
corrinne may
lim kay tong
selena tan

Seven people I would love to do this:
i don't really care.

(i forgot to leave my name thinking i was posting on my blog) -daena

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