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Thursday, October 20, 2005

here's a poem posted on my blog earlier back, want to share with your. yup. all the best.


as the unforgiving knives drive in deeper,the human heart takes an awful
plunge, one that deeps down into solititude
and bends towardsan unforgiving bane of nostalgic hate.

the mind takes a step back into a lonely path
on a
winding road with stormy winds
and sunshine paths -
laced with memories of sweetnothings
and bliss;crumpled and folded
neatly with vengeful crises.

fists clenched,
eyes closed,
the desire to forget becomes one with
the passion once cherished...
and the ambivalence of it all thrives
in agony and sweet delight.

She walks with head down on the winding road,
pauses, looks in chagrin at a lone tree..
he sits at a bar, wonders and indulges
in the purloined echoes
located in every bottom of a glass.

after all, a raging fire so bright,
a frustrating pother so thick
can never find an end to its existence till it gets smothered..

the rain had never been so comforting.

-the amarantine martyr-


Crew of 04a04/06| 11:18 PM