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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Haaa..my turn now. Super doughnuthole takes a break from books.

Seven things that will scare me:

Pink(as in color..)
No anime! No manga!! No cosplay!!! (dies)
Flies. Especially butter.
Bad pr0n. (yes, I've watched bad pr0n)

Seven things I like the most:
Swords. (I have one, but I hid it at my fren's place)
My pals, all of them.
Movie/Anime marathon
Crack photography. *_ evil smile_*

Seven most important things in my room/ apartment:
My plushies. I have 15 on my bed and fear I may have to sleep on the floor.
Alarm clock and watches
Gatsby hairwax
Lucidol hair spray
In-house slippers
Props/costumes/wig box. (in a corner collecting dust)

Seven random facts abt me:
I am super low maintenance.
I am weird, but if I were normal, I'd be totally boring.
You would not want my playlist cos its 99.8% Jap.
The other 0.2% are Chinese and English songs.
I can whistle well. But not loud. Same with singing.
I am Jack of many trades, but Ace of ..none. o_.
I love doughnuts from a little bakery in bukit batok.

Seven things I can do:
Be so crazy that IMH would have 2nd thoughts before admitting me.
Talk and mumble to myself nonstop. *see above*
Cross my eyes until my entire left pupil disappears.
Smile a vampire by showing only 2 teeth. *Fik and Daena can vouch*
Cut hair. I am trained under my aunt, who was a hairstylist by profession.
Drink coffee with jam inside. It doesn't taste too bad.
Be totally eeeeeevil. Muahahahaaa... *raises pinky finger to corner of mouth*

Seven things I can't do:
Like pink.
Eat fish with their heads on.
Do math. 1+1 = 11
Eat chilli padi.
Not be crazy
Play contact ball games. Hello Face, you must know Ball here. Old acquaintances, eh?
Grow any bloody taller. So sue me.

Seven words/phrases I say the most:
XXX janai ne~ (when denying smthn)
This one is crazy ah...this one. *points to random person*
I love doughnut holes...

Five favourite bands and 2 celebrities: (that makes 7, ya?)
Malice Mizer
Moi dix Mois
Shiina Ringo
Johnny Depp...*muweeeee*

There. XD Go go!~

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