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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Hello its me again, just sharing a little poem this time that i composed in about 25 mins. Study smart guys, i know many teachers think we cannot make it..but let's strive hard and be THE CLASS THAT ALL EXCELLED when the results are out..dont give up hope, dont lose steam. Remember the difference between dreams and reality..is purely DESIRE. How badly do u guys wanna do well?(i know kinda rhetoric but..lol). Anyway here's the poem.

The Bells of College

We hear the familiar shrill,
a sense of thrill,
and delirium encapsulates us.
We take off with minimal fuss.

The usual attractions,
mobbed with affinitive affections,
by the adoring crowd,
never shy to reveal their satisfaction out loud.

The usual seats,
then we embark for drinks,
oh! What great treats,
several blinks,
And miraculously the portion quietly shrinks.

Our meal may have been finished,
but it was never meant for fun,
our desire may have been extinguished,
but my job has only just begun.

Like getting stuck by a mace,
the ring slaps me out of my repose, reminds me,
of the obligations I have to face.
Well, for now, just let me be.

I will seek recluse in my imaginary shell,
at least I seem far away from this hell.


Crew of 04a04/06| 12:04 AM