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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Here's what's behind a doughnut hole.

It's there,
but it's not there.

You eat it
withou really knowing that you're eating it.

And you know those
on a stick?

Those were where the doughnut holes came from.

Doughnut holes may not
be there.

But they exist simply because
something else left its mark there.

Let's take an analogy.

We are,
more or less,
like doughnuts.

Chocolate sprinkles,
Double glazed,
Strawberry icing,
Sugar, Plain,
Fruity, Nutty...

So very very very different.

The people in our lives are like
the doughballs
on a stick, or separately.

They come in by the classful,
by the group.

Cute bimbos
who stick together
or a whole soccer team
fresh out of the oven.

Or you bump into them individually.
Those special someones.

It could be your sibling.
It could be your bestest pal.
It could be your sweetie pie or honey dear.
It could be anyone.

But then,
you hardly see doughnuts with doughball centres, do you?
In fact, that wouldn't make it a doughnut at all.

It would be more like a bun.
But that's another story altogether,

When people come into your life
they leave that little impact on you.
Maybe I wouldn't even force it on people.
Our surroundings could have been those doughballs too.

But whatever form it takes,
under whatever sort of situation,
Doughnut holes will
always be round.

And guess what makes a doughnut?
(no, other than the baker)

The hole of course.

You've heard me a thousand times.
But now you know.

That's why I love doughnut holes.

- Weirdo -

Crew of 04a04/06| 11:05 PM