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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Oh hello it's me again. Sick today..cough is pretty bad so i didnt go to school..dont be envious of me cos i rather not miss school nowadays!! Catching up sucks so bad..lol. Hope u guys had a great day in school =)

First things first, i would like to address tagger Genocide spelled backwards. Hmm, seriously, is there a need to call us suckers when all u have to do is look in the mirror to find a bona fide sucker. Then again, given your myopic scope of life, a bit of self reflection has probably never occurred in any moment of your life thus far. Alas, you may have derived some sick pleasure from that tag, but guess what? Look at us, we're rocking in college, we do not suck. If u want to u can always fix an appointment to lick our feet dude, this is howver, subject to availablity. Everyday we learn of fools who sadly, lack clear direction in life, or, to quote Boey, "a drifting floe". Hey, the joke's on you buddy.

Now that i got that our of my system, i can talk about today. Went with my bro to catch the live recording of Project Superstar(that chan u show), overall it was really cool lah. We reached Caldecott at 6pm..but waiting and gettin everyone to their designated seats took 1 hr, then another 1 hr for the contestants and hosts to get ready. So the show actually started at 8pm!! BAH. Well good things are worth waiting for tho..the 5 male contestants really gave a good showing man, they had to perform one slow song and one dance song. I wont reveal their score here as i hate to be a spoiler =p The judges were witty as usual and gave some really hilarious remarks(tho i suppose some parts will be cut due to time contraints). Best performer of the night in my opinion was Wei Lian. Despite being blind, he has overcomed seemingly insurmountable obstacles, and is now being judged just like a normal man. Kudos to him, yeah we all face problems in life, but who's to say we cannot conquer them? Wei Lian has taught me that obstacles are only as difficult as we perceive them to be. A great show, worth the time waiting and travelling there man. Would love to have tickets for the finals! heh.

Okay medicine is making me d r o w s y .. . lol. Going to pack and sleep..peace out.

The one and only,

Crew of 04a04/06| 11:54 PM