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Sunday, July 24, 2005

rah . the blog is dead. no one posts anymore. a ghost town.
so in comes the mindful shawn, posting after a rather long and obvious absence. i remembered when i first thought of this idea of having a class blog, where i could browse on my explorer window daily a personal entry by the class. maybe grin, giggle or share symphathy with my fellow comardes. so i started, and i posted daily, daily, and hourly even still, hoping for a return of frenzied posts filled with angst or exubrence. after awhile, i tot i had started a dynamo. but times are changing, and a cessation has begun.i wanted to see how things went with the blog, but unfortunately ppl have forgotten this site ever existed.

but the blame may n0ot be on everyone, for a higher order has its jaw fixated on us. the freaking As. the incessant thought of having an exam to sit for really bugs everyone. so we restrict ourselves to our own comfort zone. and wonder.

the blog needs more posts. without a doubt, if u haf the time to make a tag. click a mouse. blink an eye. take a breath. remember, theres always time for a blog entry.

lets make it thru the As together guys.

-an amaranthine martyr-

Crew of 04a04/06| 10:30 PM