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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

meditatative contemplation before the screen has helped me realised how days appear to be shorter now, as compared to 2 months ago. even the daily ritual of mrt rides seem to fizz past at the blink of the eye, what more about the lessons which fortuitously tick like the speed of sound. eyes are blood-shot, backs are aching, pimples are digging their way out of our skin pigment. yet, evry morning i still find the strength to carry on, perhaps due to the promise of a satisfying future. lament not, it will be over before we realise it. the inching of our distraction-laden pilgrimage to the mecca of knowledge is rapid, and in time we will fulfil the prophecies conferred on us by the heavens. we must not, and will not let them down. we will prove the doubters wrong.

and specially dedicated to ediconeG, be disposed to be a matyr for those cretins who pueriley adjudicate to disparage the stupendous chef d'oeuvre of our future pillars of society. u lack the brains ( and i s'pose brawn too) too critically censure our raison d'etre, 04A04. Welcome to the harsh reality of the world, where pundits like u are ubiquitous and worth half-pence. U can't compete with the rest. & tts sad. if u need help, please feel free to visit any counsellors at our PCCG department. Please do not contemplate suicide. It is bothersome for the undertakers to collect ur corpse.


Crew of 04a04/06| 10:33 PM