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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

i'm sure that the class blog will be more alive after i'm done with this post :P

here is what you guys have to pay!

$2: human geog
$2: physical geog
$3 econs package (not the drq and essay answers!)
please hand up the relevant money to me, your professional extortionist so that you can have your very important notes.

class photos: hand up your money accordingly to nor by thursday!

and eddie koh gp class people i think we still owe the bookshop some more money but let's wait for faisal to confirm :(

sorry for the depressing money-related post. i know it comes at the worst worst possible time. but you still need to pay.

meanwhile cheer up the world's not over even with horrifying results. we can make it...right? okay i didn't mean it to be a question because we will make it. hey even i'm trying to look on the bright side (:

love, your loanshark (daena)

Crew of 04a04/06| 8:04 PM