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Friday, July 29, 2005

Sigh... Damn bored now. Was studying but suddenly remembered that I have pictures to check out... Found out that some were really funny and I decided to upload some here! We should have a similar outing or picnic. Soccer, food, sun... Sigh... Oh, well. Enjoy!

Mr Koh was threatening to cut something off Ray, thus his mortified look.

All were seeking the meaning of life. Except Shawn who was feeling for something.

With everyone distracted, Khai attempts to escape from Mr Koh's GP outing.

This is what happens when you give out Viagra pills to children.

Let's not even talk about this. And this is NOT a scene from TGOST.

Everyone looks at something while Shawn becomes interested with Gordon's armpit.
Ray showing of his newly aqquired muay Thai skills. Meh.
And there you have it. Interesting? Yes. Maybe after the A-levels... Yes. Definately.


Crew of 04a04/06| 10:22 PM