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Friday, June 03, 2005

hey guys..*here's* the one i've been working on...it will look smt like tt..but i've yet to align the boxes, fix the dead links, change the color of the scroll and edit certain stuff. maybe i'll even change the position of the boxes?

of coz if we were to use tt, i think the tag board color would change too..

Since khai suggested i add sm pics, tt's the only way i could think of..the pics will be scrolling itself. i'll be arranging the pics so tt they will be in order, from earliest to latest perhaps? i'll add links to them too so u can juz click on any one and see em close up.

i need to knw if the layout's okay though...so i knw whether to continue or not. if u guys don't like the background...maybe u can tell me wat i should use too ya? also...i don't quite knw whether to use "04A06" or "04A04"...anyway, if u wanna stick to this current layout it's okay too.

uh...it's late...i'm really slpy now...nitez.

Lots of Love,

Crew of 04a04/06| 1:28 AM