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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Sorry guys. I know I'm like whining and whining and I know some of you would want to tell to just get over this. Let me just sum up my feelings here for the last time and I promise guys I'll never write down the crappy poems and song lyrics... Just this last time. To get it over and done with. I promise.

If we do ever have feelings for each other again (I know I still have), I believe it's the same fate that brought us together in the first place. Now I'll take my leave and stop asking you how you're doing. I don't want these feelings to crop up again because frankly, they're affecting me in a negative way. And the fact that I keep on asking you, it'll cause you to feel guilty. I don't want that. I don't care whether you are with him or not, cause in the end, what matters is we're already apart. I just want you to be happy. You're still my princess. You will always be in my heart. I still love you the same.

But don't you think that its time for me to fly?


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