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Friday, May 20, 2005

Today was phenomenal. period. everything just went...right. u noe, recently, things are not going our way and all. but today everything just sorta clicked. firstly, the photo taking session. damn lame. damndamndamn lame, all the poses and all...the darth maul/count dooku/darth vader/darth sidious image. & the bloody blazer sucked la. kudos to eddie koh for the lightsabre props...i felt really entrenched in the bloodbath between Jedis and followers of the Sith. damn. den the private fotos we took. all sorts of quirky and outrageous poses i have to admit, alot impromptu. check out khai's life attempt on sherfeeq's family jewels. or any of the bevy of babes and hunks collages. hahaha and then we guys went a step further by filming our own porno videos. the catwalk, showcasing top range models from all corners of the world including India, China, Indonesia etc, and the morning aerobics show featuring baobao the slinky and curvaceous instructor(read:opposite). Interested parties pls contact bao for futher(sordid) details.
then the soccer matches, which i rate as one of our best ever performances ever tghtr at pjc. trounced the opposition like they din exist. and me, melvin, bao and sherfeeq took turns taking out a bloody soft idiot wearing yellow, whacking his legs, elbowing him (supposedly,i did) and making him whine and moan in general. fiq said i was like him last time. i dun tink so. i was worse. haha...wat a day to savour, definitely one of the highlights of our arduous and monotonous journey. thanks everyone! woo~


Crew of 04a04/06| 11:19 PM