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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Sorry if I was out of sorts or somethin. Um. I'm like buried in work cos i threw out most of my homework for the SYFs. To be frank, when Ozzy said 'Oh so a Bronze is bigger than all your homework la?' I almost distributed a some permanent damages to him.. He could have become an 'it'. *sneeeers*

I know not doing my homework is solely my bad, but he doesn't have to drag the entire CO in, does he? I could have been expelled if I really forced that knuckle sandwich down his throat. Oh well.

Neways, CONGRATS HENRY!!!~ Mdm Khoo will be soooo..proud of you. (eh mother's day coming eh? Don't forget your double.) XD sorry.. did i say something wrong?

Not sure if you ple know about the rift between the CO and Band ple. They said it started waywayway back between the 2 presidents of the grps then. But I seriously wish the cultural grps had a better relationship with each other rather than like..now. Its hopeless dude. *throws hands up*

Well, I guess now the As are the biggest thing we'll all have to hit. Just praying hard I won't fall flat on my face..again. Good luck, ple!~ ^_^
P.S (ok, Bimb, so i share the same wierdness as Barry Woolhead. So honoured la?) =X

>Khai : Stick together eh? We'll be behind you and catch you when you bounce back. >_< yeah!~ *Episode XX - The Bounceback of the Paperbag*

Cheerios then, ple.
The Blind Wierdo.

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