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Monday, May 23, 2005

Ohaiyo minna-san!~

Right. The wierdo has a confession to make. She has been going around hoarding photos these past few days. After taking numerous class photos, the wierdo feels that she has become quite high and decided to be a crack photographer for her cosplay picnic.

Which brings her back to the question --> Would Khai and Sherfeeq want to cosplay at the end of year events? (as starwars characters)
Wierdo went to suntec 2 days ago and this shop sold light sabres in many many colors at $230something. So wierdo thought of you 2. She suggests only investing in a good one if aforementioned people are maniacal fans with too much money to spend. The light sabres can be seen in links to photos.

She also thinks that going in Jedi costumes are easier since it would be suffocating bulky to go in a sith lord mask. (or a trooper costume) Wierdo believes no one would wanna look like jarjarbinks/jabba either. 'nuff said.

Wierdo can make the costumes.
To start off, find a clear picture of your character like so. For example lar. As a fresh cosplayer herself, Wierdo thinks its beter to have many many photos. Clear photos of the same costume.
Like proper cosplayers, we can do a plan like so. Just an example.
And then in the costume, the motley crew can find a spot they like to film a whole movie again, or just pose for a nice shot. Like so.
Complete with some nice CG, wierdo believes it can look like so.

Kakoii, no? Cosplay is fun. Yesh..*crouches on the floor and twiddles fingers grinning wierdly*
Demo, $_$ may become a prob, so save up save and save up even more. XD Haa.. Self tailoring is Love!!~ And it looks just as professional with the right stuff and right stances.

The Wierdo talks too much. Must be becos she's blind. Yesh. *nods*

Your blindest class wierdo.

Crew of 04a04/06| 10:55 AM