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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Khai said : "Don't do anything you might regret. And if there's a need to talk, NEVER do it through phone. You HAVE to see face 2 face. My advice.
Sometimes, you have to let the one you love free. If they return, you know its meant to be."

everday u learn smt new, don't u? smhw i knw how they juz don't want to talk about it. not on the net, not on the phone, and of coz not face to face. that phrase bout setting ur love one free seems a lil diff to me now. smts u re-learn those phrases u tot u knw all bout long ago. this time, i learnt tt it's not possible they will return and setting them free is not about forgeting bout them and getting on with life seperately but it's more bout seeing them happy - without you. tt's probably all that counts. :)


ps. i'm sorry though if u guys are getting sick of all these..

Crew of 04a04/06| 7:21 PM