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Thursday, May 12, 2005

*Konnichiwa minna-san. Nearing the end of another tiring week. Gokurosama. *bows*

Rite.. I think you know what i'm gonna say. I suddenly feel so restricted. Don't the elders know what blogs are for? Sheesh. As if we don't have enough water down our air passages half the time. We need some space to let it all out and if they can play their golf, watch their news and read their morning paper in peace over a nice cup of coffee for relaxation, can't we have an equivalent too?

Come'on..we're human too. I'm not supporting defamation of individuals or slander, but surely a little complaint should be alright? If they were our age, I bet they'd do this too. They're human too. Like gossip a bit, bitching a bit about this chio teacher and that hot hunk, this boring lecturer or that very animated tutor who makes lessons come alive.. I mean, if we don't arrow them so much, everyone can take a little criticism, no?

Anyway, what we don't say does not spell its inexistence on the face of the earth. I believe if people have the courage to act the way they do, then they should be prepared to face the remarks made about them, whether they be made frankly or bluntly. And take it graciously too.

Everything, if in moderation, is ok. They don't have the right to stop us.

Check this out It makes perfect commonsense, doesn't it? The irony. *rolls eyes*
Hope that was of interest. Ja ne~

Yours wierdly,
The Blind Wierdo. ( I said I'm wierd liao lor)

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