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Friday, April 08, 2005

It comes as no surprise that a long-overdue article about the class' soccer team's prowess is finally transcribed by the honounary member of PJC's prestigious journalism/publishing society Club Nexus, Ray. The inevitable flaunting of his linguistic abilities is about to be unleashed in full view of the entire global audiences for the 1st time, and hopefully, not the last time.

The crux of this particular post would be an analysis of this underrrated team's meteoric rise through the ranks of PJC, & how they turned away countless applicants such as the likes of HongKong international forward astro, the yandao wannabes whom we were well aware of their threat to our team stability. The pretenders to our throne were disposed of with our trademark swagger-like style of playing, highlighting the club's lofty aspirations to be the 1st JC club to defeat an urban street team from the ghettos of Jurong. Humiliated opposition include Science Freaks FC and Best of the Rest FC. The team's player-manager the Indian refugee Shankaran has something to say of the team:

"Theese is vee best teem i've eva veerked vith. The amount ta talent is mind-blogging. u see, there's my fellow comrade Sherfeeq, anti-conventineele Chinese drivvler Mel-vin and dof course, the much acclaimed playmaker vray, who is in high veemand in va market due to his all round abilities."

With a customary shake of his head, a habit of his cultural background, he turned his head and left this reporter to scream his head off at the team again. It is noteworthy to remember this club was inaugurated only less than a year ago. The amazing sequence of wins notched against strong teams is testimony to its efficency as a unit, and the high amount of respect and tolerance all its players have for each other. The top scorer is undeniably the tyco-captain Sherfeeq, who puts away chances like a seasoned veteran, but one cannot neglect the world-class service he receives from midfield. The volatile left winger Bao possesses a deft touch and deceptive turn on the run, whereafter he zips past defenders and deliver the final ball for the supporting contingent to gobble up. The most influential player must be the attacking half Melvin. He often displays an unparalleled train of thought, which allows him to outsmart established defenders such as Shamus on a regular basis. He also has a wicked shot in both his feet, and he likes it most to dribble past the goalie and show the utmost lack of respect by simply walking into the net. Right in the heart of midfield is none other than yours sincerely. Arguably the most creative and efficent passer in the entire school, he also has a polished right foot which gives him the divine precision of his curling crosses delivered with venom. He also has excellent ball skills, such as the "elastico" his mentor Ronaldinho imparted to him, and the odd stepover or two. The supporting cast include the underrated Henry, the irrepressible Shawn, the Kickboxer-turned-brutal-defender Khai, the fully committed and versatile Thevah, the agile-reflexed Tsoon and many more of the first team squad. The blending of vastly contrasting personalities bred in different familial backgrounds has led to the conception of this winning formula.

On a final note, the team has the blessing of a much-loved conglomerate of relatives and cheerleaders. The team wishes to convey their appreciation and thanks to the many who have stood behind time all this time, especially during the dark period of the team's demoralising loss to the Ruggers, a subdivision of the PJC rugby team. Yandao United will soar as a faming phoenix into the ash-grey skies prevalent over the wet Choa Chu Kang area and enter the record books as one genuinely worthy of mention by future generations of potential wannabes to continue our legacy .


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