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Thursday, April 07, 2005

It is appalling to note how restricted and narrow some mindsets can be. Despite having a vast and seemingly limitless array of talent at his disposal, the j2 soccer players were smothered six feet under and were denied the opportunity of forming a soccer team by the principal. As the Inter-House Games draw near, I bear minimal hopes of the college actually organising a soccer competition, even thought the level of interest is very high, perhaps even the highest among ALL the sports(this is an understatement).

Is soccer really so dangerous? A recent survey done by Melvin Pte Ltd showed that a person is more susceptible to sustaining an injury while simply walking as compared to playing soccer. Furthermore, it is quite obvious a person derives much more joy when running for a purpose rather than just covering ground in repetitive circles(or ovals) or landscapes. There is risk of injury in every single sport, so why is there such strong discrimination and discontentment towards soccer?

Numerous names spring to mind in a flash when i think of the j2 soccer talents. In the science stream there are names like Foo Keat, Yang Wei, Shun Ting, Saliman and many more while in arts there are starlets like Ray, Shivanan, Melvin, Tsoon Liang . . . the list goes on(yes astro was never considered in this list).

Friends, if the stars are to be allowed to shine, even for one day only, we need to stand up, voice out and be counted.

Melvin Tai

Crew of 04a04/06| 9:29 PM