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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Oh hello its me again. Phew, the week's been sorta fast and furious, little time to breathe with so much work being assigned..I haven even done physical geog yet lor. I hope the parent-teacher meet went well for everyone..Sas seemed to be in a jovial mood..lol. Life has become so hectic that im neglecting the beautiful things around me..sigh. Okay okay enough rambling, here's a little poem i wanna share.

One Step Forward

Effortless and paltry,
intitial inspection, judgement.
Then the spur hits
me. My mind gives the command,
awaiting the ceremony
to commence.

The rooted trees sway violently,
the dancing daffodils shriek with delight,
the cunning Cheetah hunting its powerless prey,
the law of raw nature stamping its authority.

Yet I lie prostrate, eyeing the ceiling blankly,
contemplating Napoleon’s legacy
the thoughts abruptly cease.
In the darkness, I am inert,
I smother my head under my pillow,
the cycle persists
like an incessant pest.

Standing upright is an uphill struggle,
I am meek, humbled by
my lackluster spirit.
My soul hollow
now, the flame left to burn until the candle
burns no more, only I
can re-ignite the fire.

If only I know
what it will take to
awake my courage out
of its deep slumber.

Your overworked innovation & enterprise rep,

Crew of 04a04/06| 9:53 PM