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Friday, April 29, 2005

Just how do we accurately define love? Is there any way of quantifying or measuring love? Love is such a paradox, seemingly mediating the fusion of two hearts and souls, yet it is also the cause of much turmoil and distress. Here are some of my views on it =)

1. You think you are in love when you see someone and your heart beats faster.
2. You rehearse what to say but forget it all in front of that person.
3. You can get lost looking into that person's eyes.
4. Love is hard to find and even harder to hold on to.
5. Love makes u do crazy things.
6. At times, love can be a cruel entity.
7. Love makes the world shrink - you feel like there's only the two of you.
8. You want to sing your love to sleep.
9. Love comes naturally.
10. You need to makes things happen to find true love.

Just some crazy thoughts to round up an insanely busy week. *Takes a deep breath*. Lol. Anyway, critical issue here..we need to book a chaleettt!!!!! We needa get it done asap..is second wk of June okay? I'll go ahead and book soon(maybe Saturday) regardless of the degree of responses cos we need a class chalet man..where's the love and rapport? HAHA. ok on a side note, how bout gettin a class jersey or a class t-shirt, 04A04 doesnt have one yet rite? Okay enough of me, enjoy the weekends pple, Monday is the time to rejoice as people have the day off to give birth. Cherios.

Your OVERWORKED and UNAPPRECIATED(boohoo) I & E rep,

Crew of 04a04/06| 9:27 PM