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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Hey ya guys!!!

Anyways, felt rather bored after doing gothic essay plan so wanted to share this with the guys. If caught in a fight, most guys would use the fists. What I wish to propose is the use of elbows. Various advantages are as follows: Less pain, easier to aim, less chances of straining your arm, fast retraction and many more... Here's some areas where you guys can strike that idiot who's pissing you off... However, remember the golden rule of street fighting: If there is a possiblity of escape, RUN. DON'T FIGHT.

1. The side of the jaw.

2. The area between the mouth and the nose.

3. The point of the chin.

4. The area between the jaw and throat.

5. The bony area under the eye.

6. The easily cutable area over the eye.

7. The top of the spine.

Of course, you have to execute the elbow strike properly. The best way is that when you do use the elbow for attacking, always remember to keep your fist nearest to your chest. This means that if you are using your right elbow to attack, then keep your right fist close to your chest while your left fist near your face and vice-versa. Only then will they guarantee maximum results! Of course, always use these stuff only on self-defense (such as the mistaken identity episode...) and nothing else. More tips? Coming Soon!

Your Muay Thai Trained Discipline Rep,

Crew of 04a04/06| 6:10 PM