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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Okay. Its been a hard week. Gokurosama,minna-san. So the guys can do Muay Thai. But sometimes we just dun have as much force.(like, maybe after Gothic) Well, your probs will be solved.


Presenting the beginner's manual to CATFIGHTS: Suitable for anyone ranging from the nerd next door to bimbs in pink.

Lesson 1
*If the attacker is female*
- Go for the fringe. Pull.
- Smaller portions hurt more. pulling huge handfuls doesn't hurt as much.
- Scratch. Blood is good for your nails. Aim for areas like the arms, collarbone, cheeks and eyes.
- Grab and Twist. Gently grab punches at the forearms, (nv at the fist.) then tighten and twist as hard as you want.
- Wear heels or stillettoes? Good. Now go for the shins. Even soccer players don't wear shinguards all the time.
- Scream. As loud as you can. Into the other person's ears. Hit more than 91 decibels if possible.

I got these from my streetfighter pal who was formerly involved in fights twice every week and almost got thrown into rehab. She claims they are surefire (or to quote Khoo "idiot proof") ways to make sure they cry for mommy and smudge their mascara in the process.

Hope you'll nv have to use them.

Ja, minna-san!~
~*^Wierdo w/o the eye^*~

Crew of 04a04/06| 11:13 PM