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Monday, April 04, 2005

People, I know most of you write your identity when you tag or post a blog... But recently someone has been posting blogs anonymously. Please, this is a class blog, not your personal blog. We allow anything to be posted as long as YOU are ready to state that YOU wrote it. Do not put anonymous names like "satan hunter" as it pisses people off. The class is still pissed of with the assault from someone (who used an anonymous identity and even used Cathy's and Hui Shi's identity) who flamed Hui Shi's and Cathy's blogs. Due to this, we cannot tolerate our class blog filled with anonymous writers.

Even if you want to put a nick, please do so such as this: Botak Boxer (Khai). Other than that, its great to see the blog really up and running. We will change the 04a06 to 04a04 for the whole class. As for the original 04a06 such as Stanley and Alwyn, feel free to add in your blogs. You are most welcome to as you guys are still part of the family and will never be forgotten. Other than that, good luck for everyone in the days to come! We Rawk!

P.S: Through much consideration, we have deleted the entry made by "satan hunter". If that person wishes to post it again, he/she is allowed to as long as he/she states his identity.

Your Muay Thai Trained Discipline Rep,


Crew of 04a04/06| 5:28 PM