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Sunday, March 20, 2005

While studying for the apocalyptic common test that would occur tomorrow as I am writing this, I decided to take a break and "destress" myself. Walking towards the ebon punching bag in my room, I started kicking it and elbowing it, executing techniques that I learnt in Muay Thai. What strikes me funny is that I became less stressed as I felt pain in my knuckles, shins, joints, you name it. Sweating like a pig, I smiled at myself in the mirror. The pain I felt helped to erase my stress. It became an outlet for the stress in my head. I now realise why some people cut themselves in order to forget their stressed lives. The pain actually helps the brain to focus on something else, pain in this context, and forgets about the initial stress. Thing is, this "forced pain" actually works like a drug cause I even felt "high" after beating the punching bag to a pulp. Well, its better than cutting yourself. Sigh... What I'm trying to say is thatif you guys feel stressed or something, find an outlet to release it. DO NOT SUPRESS IT. Disastrous consequences can occur. Like me, giving myself a few bruises helps me to clear my head and resume my studies. Friends, I love you all so please don't be TOO stressed and do something as. All of us, even the guys (It's true I swear, care for everyone. Hope we all make it this year ok? Now, we only need to get through this exam and after that we can have a tiny break. Before resuming our studies...... Sigh... It never ends.

Dammit! I'm rambling! Argh! Too high... Giddy! What have I written?!

Going. To. Kick. Punching. Bag. Some. More.

(Swears never rambles again)

Your class Paladin, (Ok, ok, Disciplin Rep)

Sir Khai

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