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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

think wat mr sas said got sm of us kinda worried..juz wanna say, don't worry, it's gonna be okay. really! :) juz do ur best. and if u didn't for this common test, don't worry, they won't base it only on results. here's smt i tot of becoz i didn't feel like doing my hw at all..haha..

Sherfeeq - the guy who score goals on the football field
Khai - the gentleman
Melvin - the one who can sing
Thevah - observant and smart, with lots of stories to tell
Henry - his face gleams with joy at the tot of seeing his gf :D
Huishi - an adorable, lovable and huggable girl! :D
Cathy - a gd listener
Ho Ting - e cls's auntie who knws lots of great shopping deals :P
Daena - her laughter. juz her laughter. :D
Melisa - intelligent, tolerant, hardworking girl :)
Isrin - big eyes but loves to slp. hehe
Maz - she's got a love for photography
Liyana - she's a princess
Claryce - the coolest girl i've ever seen
Charlene - e girl who goes crazy with auntie ho ting
Shawn - an all rounder
Bao - he's an artist
Priya - she wraps one arm ard me whenever she talks to me
Ray - a very encouraging and special friend. :)
Faisal - very responsible cm who went looking for the bklets even though it's our fault we didn't get em.
Hani, Clare, Anjali, Nor - i need to knw u girls a lil more..:P sorry..

Lots of Love,

Crew of 04a04/06| 4:04 PM